Olympic Athletic Club
Olympic Athletic Club

Personal Training

Included with Membership:

New Member Orientation: FREE InBody Test. A one-on-one consultation with a personal trainer to assess your fitness level and build a routine that is tailor fit to your own health and fitness goals. This basic evaluation will include introductions to cardiovascular equipment and proper strength training techniques, as well as answer any questions you have about the gym or our equipment. It is a great way to get motivated and ensure that you see results from the beginning.

Additional Services from the Fitness Department:

Fitness Re-Assessment: The American College of Sports Medicine suggests changing your workout routine every 4-6 weeks to create optimal strides toward your fitness goals. If you have been doing the same thing over and over again or would just like to learn something new to help challenge your workout, please email training@olympicathleticclub.com. or call (206) 789-5010 to be paired with a personal trainer on our team and schedule a FREE assessment.

Our Personal Training Staff:

Kyle Hyde

Kyle Hyde

Fitness Director
CrossFit L-2 Trainer
Functional Movement Specialist

My Personal Training and Group Fitness philosophy is based on positive energy, intensity and having fun. I help my clients and class participants incorporate health and fitness into their individual lives, and teach them how to exercise correctly to build self-confidence in and out of the gym. As a former recreational and competitive bodybuilder I always based my own training regimen only on building muscle and burning fat, never truly focusing on the power of functional movements and mobility. In 2012 I was introduced to Hard-Style Kettlebell training and CrossFit and my love of fitness was reinvigorated. I learned quickly that true fitness is not what you see in the mirror, but mentally and physically feeling your best as a result of the effort you put in, everyday. I dedicate my coaching to help others achieve the same, everyday!


Vonne Noe

MS in Exercise and Sports Science, University of Oregon
BS in Exercise Science, Emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy, OSU

As a personal trainer, my objective is to give you the knowledge and necessary tools to live a healthy lifestyle. I will help you understand how exercise and diet can greatly improve your overall quality of life. Consistency will be required of you to maximize your success. I will be there to encourage you every step of the way.

Beverely Finn

Beverely Finn

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
NASM – Stretching & Flexibility Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Women’s Fitness Specialist
ACE – Group Fitness Instructor
Les Mills – Certified Advanced BodyPump Instructor/Certified CORE Instructor 
Bev’s personal training philosophy is built on functional training and creating strength. With a doctorate in biology she knows the importance of human movement. Our muscles should work together to create a strong foundation for longevity and for everyday activities. From training multiply muscles together to single muscles using a variety of different movement patterns and equipment Bev will make training not only life changing but fun. 


Eric "Pete" Peterson

Eric “Pete” Peterson

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
NPTI – Certified Personal Trainer
NASM – Nutrition Specialist
USA Karate – Blackbelt

There is a saying, which states “every Trainer’s first client is themselves”. As a child and young adult I battled with fluctuating weight and low self-esteem. I didn’t like who I was so I decided to make a change. I believe anyone can change to become the best version of themselves, which usually starts with one’s health and then manifests throughout all other aspects of their life. We all have goals that are personal and unique to our situation in life, and my job as a trainer/coach is to help my clients take the most effective path towards meeting those goals while maintaining a safe and fun environment. I get to watch people from so many different walks of life change inside and out as a result of their hard work. The greatest joy I get from my career is witnessing that transformation in my clients.


Kate Whetsel

ACE Certified Health Coach
Precision Nutrition – L-1 Coach
CrossFit L-1 Trainer

Like so many of us, I started exercising to lose weight. But I didn’t become consistent and committed to strength training until 2006, when I spent a year recovering from a horse riding accident. Through the process of rebuilding my core strength and healing my low back, I discovered the positive impact that building our physical strength can have on our mind, body and spirit. Since then, I’ve been dedicated to helping my clients build and improve their fitness through focused core work, individualized strength training programs, and cardiovascular conditioning. When I work with my clients, I push, support, guide, and encourage them so they can move, feel and look their best.


Sara Welch

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer

I believe anyone can achieve their fitness goals. My own fitness journey – which began with a simple commitment to a healthier life and has spanned hiking adventures, triathlons and Seattle-to-Portland bike rides – has transformed my life and I’m excited to help you on your journey. I take a fun, functional, full-body approach to training that is tailored to your personal fitness goals. Together, we can turn your commitment into fitness success that makes you feel stronger, healthier, and truly confident. We’ll set realistic goals and celebrate the small victories. Ensure you have the motivation, accountability, and encouragement you need to accomplish your goals and enjoy the process. I’ve been an OAC member for nearly a decade and am both honored and excited to help this community relish the challenges and enjoy the results of safe, engaging exercise.


Spenser Heaton

NASM –  Certified Personal Trainer

Spenser has been a fitness explorer and connoisseur from an early age. He participated in team sports throughout his childhood and eventually was introduced to weightlifting in high school where he learned to appreciate and enjoy resistance training. Through college and beyond he took up long distance running, yoga, hiking and biking to experience and achieve balance in all the different modalities of fitness. Spenser’s area of expertise is in Functional Strength and Conditioning including powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit helping clients of all ages and fitness levels get stronger, build lean muscle, lose weight and feel great while staying injury free. Outside the gym you can find him hiking trails, on or near the water, and or exercising at the park. Along with personal training Spenser is a high school teacher in the Seattle area.


Tyson Winder

ISSA – Certified Fitness Trainer
ISSA – Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM – Senior Fitness Specialist
NSCA – Fitness Nutrition Coach

My fitness journey started as an underweight, poor-postured teen. I was introduced to resistance training my freshman year of college. Since then health and fitness have become my passion to the point of gaining up to of 45lbs of lean muscle mass and taking 2nd place in a Men’s Physique competition. As a fitness professional, I love to help my clients move through full ranges of motion while pain free. I’ve dealt with low back pain, knee and ankle injuries from sports, and neck pain from whiplash myself.  I know how annoying and potentially debilitating nagging pain can be and I’m here to help alleviate yours.

My training style focuses on strength, mobility, and healthy habits inside and outside of the gym, and I’m here to help guide you whether you are a beginner, or you’re looking to take your fitness up a notch.


Roxane Harpster

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer

I have a diverse background in athletics which includes cycling, martial arts, running, group-fitness classes, weight training and most recently, surfing. Like so many people, life threw me a few curve balls in my 40s that had a negative impact on my health-weight gain, loss of fitness, and hypertension.  After several months of failed attempts to stick with an exercise program, I began working with a personal trainer.  My success was the direct result of the safe and effective exercise program designed for me, that was made up of a variety of progressively challenging and fun workouts.  He also gave me the motivation and accountability that I needed to continue to show up 100% for myself every single day. “You are worth this investment” still rings in my head.  That partnership lasted over 3.5 years and was the catalyst that inspired me to become a personal trainer.  My goal is to help others in their journey towards optimal health and fitness.


Isaiah Walter

ACE – Certified Personal Trainer

Isaiah has been involved in fitness, through sports, for most of his life and lead him to a full scholarship to play Division-1 Football at Idaho State University where he graduated with a degree in Sports Management. Throughout his football career Isaiah used proper nutrition and many modalities of fitness including weight-lifting, conditioning, sport-specific training and Yoga to keep his body in top physical condition. All the coaches and trainers that guided him along the way inspired Isaiah to become a fitness professional and help others improve their health and wellness. Isaiah believes in the power of exercise for both physical and mental health, and on or off the field is ready to help ANYONE achieve their health and fitness goals.


Matt Massot

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer

Sports have always been a part of my life but I became passionate about fitness in 2014 after losing 75lbs. I had been overweight and sedentary and found the key to my success was routine. A routine of living an active lifestyle and committing to a healthy diet that lead to a decrease in stress, improved sleep and just feeling better overall. With my own experience I understand and empathize with anyone who struggles with their weight. It’s hard to lose weight and I became a personal trainer to help people reach their own fitness goals and have fun along the way.  Exercise doesn’t have to be painful and I enjoy helping my clients find methods that work best for them. I specialize in functional strength and conditioning with a focus on functional movement patters. In my spare time I like to watch movies, play basketball, and be outside with my dog Harr.


Emily Strahan

ACE – Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA – Certified Nutrition Coach
CrossFit L-1 Trainer
Olympic Weightlifting L-1 Coach

I love hiking, houseplants and animals! I found fitness at a young age with sports and was introduced to strength training in high school and have not stopped since. I started CrossFit after college and it’s given me the courage and excitement of trying (and succeeding!) seemingly daunting tasks beyond what I thought was possible. My goal as a personal trainer is to help people find freedom in movement; to feel comfortable, confident and powerful with their body’s capabilities.


Rachel Lubniewski

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
ACE – Certified Group Fitness Instructor
LesMills – Certified BodyPump Instructor

Rachel found a passion for running in college and has competed in multiple races including 2 marathons. After having her second child, she began adding resistance training into her workout regimen to improve core strength. She noticed that the cross-training was also improving her running and fell in love with weightlifting and functional strength training as well. Rachel became a trainer with the goal of helping others find the same passion for fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle.


Axa Picking

ISSA – Certified Personal Trainer

My fitness journey started as an underweight high schooler. I played basketball, football, and threw shot-put/discus. Through team weight training and working with a personal trainer I learned to love resistance training and it’s mental health benefits. At this point in time, exercise is now an integral part of my routine and something I look forward to every day. My style draws from elements of functional training, bodybuilding and powerlifting. One of my favorite aspects of fitness is how much you learn about your own body and it’s capabilities, as well as reinforcing the importance of consistency and patience.


Annika Jackson


My fitness journey started junior year of high school. I stuck to only cardio and bodyweight exercises due to my intense self-consciousness and fear of the gym. From there I went down a rocky slope of overexercising and under-eating. Aerial fitness and yoga helped heal my relationship with my body. Through these arts, I discovered that my body is capable of beauty and strength. From there I decided to brave the gym so I could improve my performance through weightlifting. Very quickly I became hooked on not just the physical achievement but the mental relief I experienced from weightlifting. I wish I hadn’t let my fear of judgement or lack of knowledge keep me from something so enjoyable and up-lifting. 

As a personal trainer, I help my clients realize the inherent strength they possess and all of the incredible things their body can achieve. Together we’ll make you confident and capable by arming you with knowledge so you never feel lost or feel like you’re “doing it wrong”. 
I see fitness as a lifelong pursuit that’s constantly evolving and leading to new exciting breakthroughs and discoveries. I look forward to cheering you on and helping you with your own fitness journey!

Tanner Laske

BS – Kinesiology

Tanner’s personal training philosophy stems from functional strength and conditioning and progressive programming. With his educational and physical therapy background, Tanner wants to make fitness a sustainable and attainable goal for his clients when they work with him. Tanner’s goal as a personal trainer is to leave his clients with the right tools and knowledge after they train with him. “I want to be able to find out what specifically works for you and tailor a routine that is structured, purposeful, and beneficial to you and your fitness goals.” In his spare time, he likes to play video games, play soccer or basketball, and spend time with his family.