Olympic Athletic Club
Olympic Athletic Club

2023 Club Expansion

New Cardio Equipment

Recently, we received and installed 25 new spin bikes, 10 treadmills, 6 step mills, and 5 Peloton bikes. We will be receiving and installing new ellipticals and AMT machines, as well.  

New Strength Equipment

In January, we will be receiving and installing additional squat racks, bench presses, and other free-weight machines in the newly remodeled space on the 2nd floor of the East Building.

OAC Club Expansion

In February, we plan to expand the 1st floor Olympic Lifting Studio. The new space will house additional Olympic lifting stations, bench presses, and other free-weight machines, including cardio equipment for warming up.

The new space will double in size because it will be expanded out to the sidewalk facing Leary Avenue. A rendering of what the new space will look like will be posted inside the current Olympic Lifting Studio next week. It’s scheduled to be completed and open in the Spring of 2023.