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Olympic Athletic Club
Olympic Athletic Club



AWESOME ABS: Abdominal exercises and lower back conditioning.

​ADVANCED YOGA: A one and a half our flow class focused on listening to your body while going at your own pace.
Daniele will offer you variations on poses while encouraging you to listen to your body. Which could translate into hovering in handstand or resting in child. Class will begin with meditation and end with poses on the floor. You will feel both refreshed and renewed.

​BARRE: A fun workout that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, Yoga, and Dance that will tone, strengthen and chisel your whole body. These classes do not require previous experience. $8 per class; sign up through Mindbody.

BARRE SCULPT: A natural progression from Barre for advanced students. It consists of movements that are found in Barre with intermixed cardio bursts designed to elevate the heart rate. No weights are used in this class, instead you will use TheraBands to focus on strength and flexibility. $8 per class; sign up through Mindbody.

​BELLY DANCING: A fun, low impact workout that increases flexibility and mobility through dance. Classes are free and no sign up is required.

BEGINNING YOGA: If you’re new to Yoga this is for you! Gentle stretching and poses to relax and renew.

​BOOT CAMP: Join Certified Instructor Kyle Hyde for a new spin on indoor Boot Camp. This high-energy class will challenge you to improve your core, cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance to help you build lean muscle and burn away fat to achieve the physique you desire. All fitness levels welcome.

​CORE CONDITIONING: Improve strength, balance and posture in this effective abdominal workout. You will perform simple yet effective exercises that focus on proper form and technique. A variety of equipment will be used.

​FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: A variety of equipment will be used to improve posture, mobility, strength and balance. An excellent class for our senior participants but open to all ages.

​FULL BODY WORKOUT: High energy step combinations combined with interval and body sculpting.

​GENTLE YOGA: Release tightness and enhance your range of motion with gentle, gravity based Yoga poses. No previous experience necessary; open to all levels.

​KICKBOXING: Jab and hook your way to a great workout. This high energy cardio class will have you sweating in no time!

NIA: Nia is a form of fitness fusion combining dance with martial arts and healing art forms such as yoga.
A one hour rhythmic routine provides the perfect balance of high energy cardio mixed with a lower intensity, mind/body/spirit beginning and cool down.

​NRG BAR: Barbells, dumb bells and steps are used through systematic sequence of exercises.
Every muscle group will receive a workout in this INTENSE strength training/cardio class.

PILATES: Excellent strength and conditioning class based on Pilates method. Please come to class warmed up.

​POWER YOGA: Come alive during this 60 minute power vinyasa class by moving through intermediate/advanced yoga flows.
The music used in class is a little hip hop and R&B, so get ready to get down.

P90X®: This trademarked workout is a combination of exercise techniques including strength training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics, and stretching. It’s designed to make you sweat and continue burning calories long after your workout is done!

SERIOUS SCULPT: An intense body conditioning class using weights, bars, tubing and more. This class is not only physically challenging but mentally stimulating.

SILVER POWER: The Silver Power class is a strength and movement class for people over 55, which involves un-weighted calisthenics, balance movements, light weight exercises, individualized cardio. It ends with ab work and a stretching cool down.

STEP & SCULPT: A class designed to teach you safe, effective and easy to follow step patterns. This class is for ALL levels of fitness – beginning and advanced steppers. A strength and flexibility segment will be included.

STEP JAM: A variety of choreography and step combinations will be used in this intermediate to advanced step class. Your mind will stay busy and your heart will keep pumping in this fast paced class.

TAI CHI: You will blend a variety of movements from the martial arts to improve your balance, strength and flexibility.

YOGA: Vigorously warms, strengthens and stretches the body through flowing rhythmic sequential movements..

YOGA SCULPT: Yoga Sculpt takes your traditional yoga class to the next level. This music driven yoga and sculpting class uses the foundations of power yoga while incorporating hand weights. Yoga sculpt will build heat, strength, and flexibility within your body. Cardio intervals are added to traditional yoga poses. Basic knowledge of yoga is helpful but certainly not required. Get ready to sweat!

FUSION: This classes fuses intense core work with yoga for an amazing workout. A variety of equipment will beused. All levels of fitness are encouraged to attend.

ZUMBA®: A fusion of Latin and International music that will create both a dynamic and exciting workout.