Olympic Athletic Club
Olympic Athletic Club

Kraken CrossFit

Olympic Athletic Club



At Kraken CrossFit, we strive to educate our athletes to lead healthy, full lives by doing the movements that life demands of us. Our coaches are focused on everyday victories and realization of potential that everyone has athletic ability.

Classes are limited to 12 people
The movements we coach can be complex. We believe in the safety that comes with a class where the coach can monitor every athlete at all times.

Our coaches have extensive experience in fitness and strength & conditioning
Our CrossFit coaches are first and foremost trained and certified personal trainers and have credentials far beyond the standard CrossFit coaching certifications.

We have an AMAZING community that’s excited to support you in your fitness journey
You won’t feel lost here; Kraken’s members and coaches are extremely supportive and welcoming because we remember what it’s like to start a new fitness program.


Regular people getting fit, together!

Olympic Athletic Club