1How do I freeze or terminate my account?

A month-to-month membership can be cancelled or placed on hold. If you place your membership on hold, you are charged a small fee per month. However, this allows you to reactive your membership without paying any type of enrollment fee. To cancel your membership, you just need to request, fill-out, and submit a cancellation form at our front reception desk before the 25th of the month or mail a certified letter 30 days in advance of the month you wish to cancel.

2What are the Personal Trainers backgrounds and what do they charge?

All OAC Personal Trainers are certified professionals who work to educate and motivate clients about achieving and sustaining their health and fitness goals. Personal training rates work on a sliding scale based on the number of sessions you purchase. Please see a trainer or one of our Front Desk staff for current rates.

3What equipment can children use, and at what age?

Children under the age of 13 may participate in swimming in the 1st floor pool, with adult supervision. They are not allowed to use workout equipment or take classes.

Teenage members (13-17) may participate in swimming in the 1st floor pool, with adult supervision. However, they are allowed to use workout equipment and take classes. 

Teen members (13-17) will receive a member check-in card and have independent access to the club when enrolled. However, we recommend that teenage members (13-17) start with a personal training session to learn about club safety, club etiquette, and how to operate the equipment properly before using the club on their own. A single session can be purchased for $50.00 (a $35.00 savings). If you have multiple teenagers, you may schedule one private teen class with a trainer for all of them.Alternatively, teens (13-17) may purchase our “New Member Fitness Upgrade,” which includes a comprehensive consultation and assessment plus 3 personal training sessions for $199.00 (a $141.00 savings).

4Do you offer childcare?

OAC is proud to offer an amazing childcare. Childcare reservations may be made 24 hours in advance, beginning at 8:00 AM.

5What are the details about your swimming pools?

OAC operates two separate swimming pools: A family leisure pool located on the 1st floor and an adult’s only lap pool located on the 2nd floor. Our family leisure pool is 20 yards long and four lanes wide. It’s primarily used for open swim, group exercise classes, swim lessons, and family activities. The temperature of the family pool is maintained between 83-85 degrees. The adjoining hot tub is maintained between 102-104 degrees. Our adult lap pool is 25 yards long and four lanes wide. It’s designated for adult lap swim ONLY. The temperature of the adult lap pool is maintained between 78-80 degrees. The adjoining hot tub is maintained between 102-104 degrees.

6What is required in order to participate in a cycling class?

There is no fee for cycling classes for members of Olympic Athletic Club; however, sign up is required 30 minutes prior to class at the front desk.

7Is there an extra charge for Aerobic/Yoga classes?

At OAC, we believe that variety is the key to success with any fitness program. It is because of this that we offer a variety of classes as part of our memberships. These classes require no additional fees, but they do have a limited capacity, so make sure to reserve a spot in advance through MindBody to participate.

8What is your guest policy?

As an adult member of OAC, one of the benefits includes bringing guests to the Club. In fact, members may bring as many guests as they want.

All guests must be accompanied by a member at check-in. Also, valid photo ID is required.  A guest fee of a $20 per visit will be required.

Children guests
Members over 18 may bring child guests to the family pool. Child guests who are not dependents require a liability waiver from their parent or guardian.

The charge for children under 13 is $5 per child, per visit, and the charge for children 13 – 17 is $10 per child, per visit. Minors who are non-members are not permitted in workout spaces.

9Which types of memberships do you offer?

There are two membership options currently available at OAC. The first option is a Month-to-Month Membership. With this membership, there is no long-term commitment. It can be cancelled during membership hours by completing and submitting a cancellation form providing 30-days advance written notice. Also, it can be frozen for a month or longer for a small fee.

​The second option is a Prestige Membership, which is an annual prepaid membership. The advantage of this option is the dues are discounted. Upon expiration, this membership may be renewed at the then current prepaid rate or converted to a Month-to-Month Membership with no initiation fee.

​Please contact a membership representative for current pricing. Membership representatives are available every day, including weekends, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. For more information about membership, please contact us by calling 206.789.5010 or by filling out the fields below. One of our Membership Specialists will contact you regarding our current promotions and online membership specials and answer any questions you might have.