Olympic Athletic Club
Olympic Athletic Club


  • Each swimmer may only be accompanied by 1 adult.  
  • There will be no “free swim” available before or after lessons.
  • Swimmers may arrive 10 minutes prior to their lesson and stay 10 minutes after their lesson to change and shower prior to entering the pool and exiting the building.



Swimming lessons are available for all ages and all levels! Reservations for all swim activities must be made online through the Mindbody app or OAC website. If you are just coming for a swim with the children, until they are 18 years of age, please make sure you accompany them at all times. There is no lifeguard present. When lap swimmers are present, please keep children on the step side of the pool. The co-ed whirlpool next to the pool may be used by children 6 years of age and older. However, direct parental supervision is required at all times. Also, children not potty-trained are required to wear swim diapers.

Olympic Athletic Club


Private lessons: $45.00
Semi-private lessons: $30.00 per child

Level Descriptions

VERY Beginners: Water exploration for ages 3 and up. This class is for children with little or no exposure to water. The child must be willing to be in the pool without their parent or caregiver.
BEGINNERS I: Comfortable with blowing bubbles and kicking on pool wall.
BEGINNERS II: Not yet comfortable swimming on own. Child must be able to back float.
ADVANCED BEGINNERS: Able to swim the width of the pool. Child uses big arm strokes.
INTERMEDIATE: More work on crawl stroke and back stroke.

Safety Note:

There is no lifeguard present. Direct parental supervision is required at all times. Also, our pool is a lap pool. Therefore, it is shallow, measuring four feet deep. Diving is NOT permitted or taught by OAC instructors.